SOAR With Sandra

An Exclusive Opportunity to Work Personally with Sandra Yancey in Her 8-Month SOAR Strategy & Coaching Program.

Following your dreams isn't always easy. Or pretty. There are growing pains and tears and sleepless nights. And change is just a part of it. I can't take that away from you, and I wouldn't if I could because the lessons you learn are invaluable. Growth is mandatory. Lessons create growth.

With that said, it doesn't have to be so hard. It doesn't have to take so long. I can assure you that struggling for years, living in confusion and fear creates procrastination - this isn't mandatory! Staying at the same level year after year - this isn't mandatory either.

For years, people have been asking me to design a program that would help them transcend their wildest dreams, to reveal my greatest secrets, and to be their personal coach. Well, I've pulled the trigger on it.

In My 8-Month SOAR Coaching Program, I'll Be Your Personal Femtor®, Your Guide to Outrageous Success and Your Friend.

Here's how it works:

  • We'll kick things off with 3 days together getting LASER-FOCUSED on you and your business.*

  • You will spend seven months being coached by me.

  • We meet twice a month and I will teach you my in-depth strategies for:

    • Surrounding yourself with the right A-TEAMS

    • Getting clear your PRIORITIES and eliminating distractions

    • Managing all that's on your PLATE

    • Creating amazing PRODUCTS

    • Developing PROCESSES and systems for growth

    • Measuring your PERFORMANCE

    • Maximizing your PROFIT build a scalable plan and infrastructure to move you toward a sustainable million to multi-million dollar business.

  • Every month I'll check in with you through my Master Accountability Video Series and you'll also have discovery worksheets - all designed to keep you on track.

*Airfare and hotel accommodations not included in coaching program fee.

PLUS! You'll be personally paired up with an accountability partner and fellow trailblazer in business, just like you, to help ACCELERATE your growth.

I'll share with you my Ultimate Rolodex I've built over the last 30 years with access to the people in my personal network that you can tap into to help you grow, market and manage your business where needed.

BONUS #1: When you sign up for SOAR, you'll also get access to my business development program The Monetize Formula for FREE (a $1,997 Value)

Eliminate the Guesswork, Stop Minimizing
Your Brilliance and Let's Soar!


Corinne Erickson

Corinne Erickson
Deerfoot Carpet
Calgary, AB Canada

Sandra gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence that I needed to fine tune my ideas and increase my income even more. Since being in SOAR, I was able to increase my earnings and set a company record for highest sales ever in 2014, as well as become an investor in the company

Corinne Erickson

Nikky Phinyawatana
Asian Mint Restaurant
Dallas, TX

As a restaurateur with two restaurants, I was interested in exploring how to franchise my business. SOAR with Sandra illuminated the infrastructure that I needed to put into place to expand. SOAR with Sandra has helped me lay out a good foundation/platform to launch myself into this next phase of my business. Going through the program has helped me with the big issues and how to grow my business. I would say that SOARing with Sandra is priceless and I highly recommend the program.

Corinne Erickson

Tracy Repchuk
Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

With Sandra's steadfast guidance and laser-focused formulas for expansion, growth and profit, I completely upgraded all of my service, delivery and client management systems and tripled my productivity. In addition, I hired more staff, and because of the systems taught in SOAR, I am able to manage all of it while speaking around the world and expanding my personal brand.

Corinne Erickson

Morgan Jones
Sacramento, CA

Joining the SOAR program was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. As I had just sold one company and was about to launch another, it provided the structure that my new business needed to go forward in the right direction. Furthermore, Sandra was insistent upon giving us access to her personal network which lead to reduced rates for necessary legal work in the beginning stages of my company's launch. I'm so grateful for the SOAR program.